Magnetix Amber Blue

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Magnetix Amber Blue


The Magnetix Amber Blue goggle includes an additional light lens of your choice.  The frame is black- you choose your strap and corresponding hinge color!

VLT - 10%

» Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
» Anti- Water Spotting Technology
» 100% UV Protection
» Helmet Compatible
» Dual Strap Adjustment
» No Slip Silicone Strap
» Additional Light Lens Included

The Magnetix Amber Blue is a dark lens with a beautiful amber mirror finish suitable for medium light to bright sunny days. The innovative magnetic frame holds your lens in tight while allowing you to switch out to your low light lenses in a few seconds with your gloves on! The detachable strap is also adjustable and non-slip to guarantee you comfort and safety while you do your thing. Includes an additional low light lens of your choice.

Strap and Hinge Color:
Extra Lens:
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